Programming or software development always passes through three stages:

1. define - define requirements, which includes an initial discussion with the client about project requirements, budget, deadlines and objectives.

2. design - the phase in which, using different technologies, we seek for the best solution for the final design of the program.

3. develop - the development of the program, final testing, commissioning of production and of course, satisfied customer



Real estate software

mojSTAN :: softver za nekretnine


Real estate software named mojSTAN is characterized by simple navigation, intuitive data entry, great speed. While talking with a potentional customer you can get all properties for which the buyer is interesting in. the average PC user need only shorter training (2-3h) to learn to use this software for real estate agency. The software has modules for sales, rentals, contracts, payments...


real estate software image

help desk software

mojHELPDESK :: help desk softver

help desk softWARE

Help desk software named mojHELPDESK is characterized by its simplicity,by simply entering data, network enviroment. All that what is necessary for smooth operation of help desk services can be found in this software. Modules that exist are: PC - all data of computers in one place, records of failures, hardware configuration, software, hardware - Records failures, external service, price repair contracts...

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